On the west coast between Gothenburg and Oslo lies Munkedals Manor, dating back to the beginning of the 19th century. The stories surrounding the mansion area span over 1,000 years – from the Norbertine monks’ herb gardens and medieval ballads to the old mill’s forges and industrialism. With the sea and the forest as neighbors, the kitchen offers the best of wild animal and fish along with the season’s prime. The mansion is excellent for celebrations, dinners and accommodation. For conferences is there opportunity to book the entire mansion for yourselves, or as a day conference for the smaller group.


At Munkedals Manor there are 15 stylish rooms overlooking our scenic area.
Upstairs there is a newly renovated large general balcony where you can sit and enjoy a coffee in a quiet, undisturbed environment overlooking lush forest and beautiful grass bed.

We offer both single and double rooms in both the manor house and the annex. The rooms are decorated according to different personalities that have been of great importance in the history of the mill and the manor.


The way to the heart goes thru the stomach! Take the chance to enjoy a well composed manor dinner at our place.

In our prestigious restaurant you get the opportunity to relax and enjoy the dishes we serve without any stress.
The hunt for us is very important. Being able to work with fresh meat / game that is hunted in the immediate area means that we at Munkedals Manor can make our own mark on the cooking. Moose- and deer-sausage and moose meatballs are some of the dishes we make from start to finish.

Golf package

Munkedals manor offers interesting and challenging golf packages! An unbeatable combination of golf and accommodation at the mansion.
After a round at one of the surrounding golf courses, another experience awaits us! We would like to invite you to a culinary meal in a calm and soothing environment that concludes a wonderful stay with our partners.

During your stay with us there is the opportunity to visit our handpicked favorite spots. One of these places is Harkerud, a scenic, untouched place located 15 km from Munkedal’s Manor.

Out here we follow the rules of nature. Harkerud gives you the opportunity to experience life the way it is meant to be lived: simple and original.

Röda villan in Munkedal

Do you want to wake up, fall asleep and enjoy life in a red house on lush meadows?

Then you are welcome to make a reservation for a total retreat in RÖDA VILLAN, in Munkedal. This is a house that can become a personal love story for you who may long to spend a few disconnected days in a unique environment, with access to an own jetty and a boat.

This is a dream house for nature-loving couples, but it also has room for two smaller children, with a lot of running in their legs.


At Munkedal’s Herrgård you live nicely in an enriched environment and at the same time offer exciting fishing in both the river and the lake. The Örekils River is one of Sweden’s best Atlantic salmon rivers and the manor is only a stone’s throw from the river’s edge.
The lakes are many on our lands and this gives us the opportunity to create great nature experiences and good fishing for you. Several of the lakes have good access to pike-perch, perch and pike. On our own lands there is the opportunity to fish in private lakes with a very low fishing pressure where we are guaranteed to be alone on the lake which adds to the excitement and chance!
Gather your friends, customers or business acquaintances and make a fishing event out of the ordinary.

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