Favorite places


(Up to 15 people)

During your stay with us there is the opportunity to visit our handpicked favorite spots. One of these places is Harkerud, a scenic, untouched place located 15 km from Munkedal’s Manor.

When you guests arrive in Harkerud, your eyes open to something stately, tucked away, soothing and enjoyable. Up here you have the opportunity to open all your senses and enjoy what mother nature created. Lush forest, still water, a lake where there are many fishing opportunities. If you want to relax in the calm and just drive around or you want to stand on one of our floats overlooking the whole lake, it is up to you.

Take one of our throwing rods and pull up a fish while you listen to the still wind in the trees and hear how the crackling fire with its flames grows stately and brilliant.

Out here we follow the rules of nature. Harkerud gives you the opportunity to experience life the way it is meant to be lived: simple and original.

During your stay in Harkerud we will return with the culinary experience in simplicity. Do you want to grill over the open fire or do you want one of our chefs to perform magic in simple circumstances? You choose what suits you best.

In Harkerud we have a beautiful timber cabin with room for up to 16 people. We also have a sauna that you can use after all impressions. Let the body rest, let the senses take over and let the thoughts gather.


Harkerud – Package (max 15 people)

Part in double room including breakfast
3 course dinner excluding drinks

SEK 1550/person

Catering fee of SEK 6000 will be added for the entire group.

(Transport not included)

Are you curious and want more information, call or email us!

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Sörbygdsvägen 1, 455 33 Munkedal